How To Renovate Your Kitchen Or Bath On A Budget

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If you’re looking to revamp your home, starting with your kitchen and bathroom is a good idea. These spaces are usually functional areas, and when enhanced, they can really improve the wellness and comfort of your home.

However, due to the functional aspects they are meant to offer, renovating them can be more expensive than other areas of your home. The starting price for a kitchen renovation is around $55,000, and for a bathroom, it is around $22,000. While this may seem like a lot, investing in the renovation of these areas of your house can increase the resale value of your home. Moreover, it can improve the function of these spaces significantly.

If you’re worried about the dramatic costs you may be forced to incur for your renovation, don’t fret as we have the perfect solution. At Valentine Interior Design, we’ve catered to several bathroom and kitchen redesigns, and we are aware of the steps you can take to cut costs without hampering the quality of your renovation. To offer you the money-saving tips we’ve collected over the years, here’s our guide on how to renovate your kitchen or bath on a budget.

List priorities on the room design
Make a list of the different aspects of your kitchen or bathroom that you want to change. Then ask yourself if it is necessary to make the change you want to in these areas. If it isn’t absolutely required, you can skip it. This will help you save money.

Create different designs
Before your renovators can get to work, ensure you take the time to create at least one to two-room designs with your priorities. You can use the help of a designer to produce the designs you want. Compare these designs and determine which one you like best.

Get quotes from different renovators
Once you’ve settled on a design, get a quote from different renovators to recreate the designs you want. You can choose a renovator based on the quotes they provide. Just bear in mind not to go with the ones who quote the lowest as there may be some catch or dissatisfaction that comes along with their service. If the estimates from renovators you like are too high or low, remove or add priorities so you can get all of the work you need to be done within your budget.

Choose materials wisely
If you want to reduce the price estimate of your renovation, you can do so by reselecting expensive materials. Just make sure that you do NOT reduce labor estimates, as this will affect the quality of the work that you receive.

Reduce the backsplash foreground
By reducing the backsplash material, you can save some money on your kitchen renovation. Just make sure to invest in an expensive accent tile above the cooktop or range. Doing this will ensure that it withstands wear and stands out elegantly.

Invest in high-quality fixtures
When it comes to choosing cabinets, appliances, and especially tile, do not skimp. Instead, invest in quality. That way, you do not need to make replacements for several years.

Double the duration of the project
To get a rough estimate of the renovation duration, consider the timeline shared by your renovators and then double it. You need to do this, especially during COVID, as sourcing materials may take longer than anticipated. At the same time, should your workers contract COVID, your project may come to a standstill.

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