Top Five Things To Look For In An Interior Designer

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You have searched social media for days, strolled through the aisles of your favorite home decor store, and put together your best attempt at a mood board. In theory, you should be able to tackle the task of redecorating your home, right? Wrong! Interior design is more complicated than buying a few curtains for your house. It involves envisioning your dream and then actually bringing it to fruition. Taking up this project by yourself could lead to wasted time and money. And you might not even be satisfied with your end result. 

This is why you should hire a professional. An interior designer is skilled at all phases of the project. They can identify your needs and desires, help you develop a budget, flesh out an aesthetic yet functional design, and provide top quality delivery and installation. There are many professionals out there, though. How do you know if the professional you decide to go with is actually compatible with you and your vision? Well, to help you figure that out, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in an interior designer

1. Holds a degree or certificate
Only an interior designer that holds a degree or certificate can use the title of a registered interior designer in their state. A certified interior designer is equipped with a professional degree and training in interior design and has extensive knowledge of colors, fabric, and furniture. You can be sure that a professional with a degree will make your wish of having a beautiful home come true. 

2. Professional insurance
Everyone should have insurance, especially any kind of builder you employ. An interior designer definitely needs to have professional insurance in case of any liabilities that could occur on your property. The insurance protects you and the interior designer from suffering significant losses or damages. 

3. Listens to your needs and wants
A good interior designer will understand your vision regardless of whether the designer has created a look or theme like what you want before. Please pay close attention to whether they are listening to you and taking notes. If they aren’t keen on what you have to say, and are solely focused on bringing their idea to life, do not bother hiring them. They are not focused on putting your needs over theirs and won’t bother helping you achieve the dream house you want. 

4. Willing to work on your budget
A professional interior designer should be made aware of your budget. They need to understand what level of quality furnishings or remodel materials you are looking for and provide you with the aesthetic you want while sticking to your budget. If they force you to increase your budget, then they are not the interior designer for you. 

5. Constantly improves their skills 
A good interior designer will continue taking educational courses to continually improve their skills. They should be active in an interior design organization like ASID or IIDA. It shows that they are committed to the industry and constantly educating themselves. With the business and industry continuously evolving, it is essential for them to keep educating themselves to stay ahead of the curve.

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